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air sealing

Excessive air infiltrating the home through small gaps and crevices can result in as much as 20% of the typical home’s heating and cooling costs. In the winter, cold air leaks into your home while heated air exits. In the summer, the hot outside air enters your home and can bring unwanted humidity.

Air leakage is most noticeable during the winter months. Most people call these air leaks “drafts”. You may feel these drafts around windows and doors and think these leaks are your major source of wasted energy. In most homes, however, the most significant air leaks are hidden in the attic and basement. These are leaks that significantly raise your energy usage and make your home uncomfortable.

Blower door assisted air sealing is an effective and accurate method to measure and identify areas where air is escaping the home. The blower door measures overall air leakage and helps identify specific leakage locations. These locations are then treated using a variety of methods (spray foam, caulk, weather-stripping, etc.). Leakage is measured periodically during the process to ensure that the home is sealed to an appropriate level.

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